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Ako yung nagmahal sayo ng sobra, Pero putangina bakit hindi pa din ako sapat sayo? 1% tao 99% maganda

October 28, 2013

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Haha again, the number game I didnt right? Lol.

I miss you. I really am. Bakit ngayon ka lang nagparamdam? Hindi na kita masyadong nakikita sa dash. You change your URL back to the way it was. May nangyare ba? Or not? Youve been busy right? Are you okay? Or are you still in pain? Hays I miss you, parang paulit ulit kong sasabihin ata ito ah? Hahaha. Keep strong, stay alive, be gorgeous, Enjoy life, godbless. Keep bloggign, missing your posts. and of course missing you. I LOVE YOU babaengloyal :*

So sweet :”> Thank you huhuhu english chareeeeng Imissyoutoo :(

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Number Game

Kung meron pa ahahah pleaseeeeee :)

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Anonymous whispered: I miss you! Hahaha -blackmanxd

Vince!!! buhay ka pa pala haha miss na din kita

Too much pain
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Aral muna

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You’re sleeping. Im crying.
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If you ask me how much I love You
  • Count he stars then multiply it by rain.
  • Then multiply it again by the sand.
batakuno whispered: Mas maganda ka pa po sa gabi ;)

Kapatid! hello kaynis akala ko anon hahhaha

Because I want to talk to you more than I want to sleep
— (via babaengloyal)
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